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Ryan Leef

Ryan has lived in the Yukon for most of his life, growing up in Dawson City and living in five of Yukon’s Communities outside of Whitehorse where he now lives with his son Aaron.

Having a 20-year diversified career in law enforcement has given Ryan a unique perspective of the challenges that face the Yukon and the opportunities that are ahead for supporting strong, healthy, and prosperous communities. Ryan has been a proud representative of our Nation as a member of Team Canada and Team Yukon in Distance Running for over 30 years.

His personal and professional roles have led him to a specific focus on the health and safety of Yukon families. Through Inspiration Unlimited Ryan has supported the Food Bank with his Celebrity Chili Cook-off; the White-Ribbon Campaign through self-defense clinics for women; Anti-bullying initiatives and youth engagement with his Leaders in Life workshops; and diabetes prevention with his Border-to-Border Campaign.

Ryan is an active member of many local, national, and international organizations including being a life member of the Yukon Fish and Game Association; life member of the Wild Sheep Foundation; honorary Rotarian; Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans Association; Royal Canadian Legion; and Safari Club International.

As Yukon’s Member of Parliament, he was appointed as the Chair of Northern Caucus by the Prime Minister of Canada; was elected as the Chair of the Canada-Australia-New Zealand Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Association; Canada’s Lead on the Standing Committee of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region; and member of the Fisheries Committee, Natural Resource Committee, and Public Safety Committees in the House of Commons.

Ryan’s experience in his personal life though all levels of public service and private business lends a unique quality of bridging the Parliamentary role with everyday Canadians with a specific focus on the quality of his riding. He firmly believes the Yukon has a tremendous amount to add to Canada’s identity and to the National discussion and strives to bring the voice of his territory to the ear of Ottawa.

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“For all of those who have over the past decade and a half built our party and contributed to our campaign, you have our deepest gratitude and you should feel nothing but pride … Never forget, that due to your efforts, our country stands tall today. We have built a Canada that is stronger than […]


Haines Junction

Whitehorse ­ – Conservative candidate Ryan Leef announced today that a re-elected Conservative Government will contribute up to $1.6 million to Yukon College to purchase the farm property in Haines Junction. “Purchasing this property will expand the Yukon College presence in rural Yukon and is a collaboration between Yukon College, the Village of Haines Junction […]


Dawson City Airport

Whitehorse ­ – Ryan Leef, Conservative candidate for the Yukon announced today that a re-elected Conservative Government will contribute up to $30 million towards infrastructure upgrades to the Dawson City airport. “Paving the Dawson City airport will have significant benefits to the local economy and will have positive impact on the tourism and mining sectors […]


More Support For Parents

A re-elected Conservative government will provide new benefits for moms and dads having a baby. We will provide up to 18 months of job protection for new parents and the option to stretch Employment Insurance (EI) benefits over 18 months. Parents who are interested in earning additional income or starting their own business while at […]


Protecting Canadian Auto Jobs

Hundreds of thousands of Canadian families work in the auto sector. That’s why a re-elected Conservative government will implement the new Automotive Supplier Innovation Program, which will help Canadian automotive suppliers gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace. If automakers are prepared to make firm commitments to new and modernized plants in Canada for […]


Trans-Pacific Partnership

Whitehorse ­ – Ryan Leef, Conservative candidate for the Yukon highlighted the successful conclusion of the Trans­-Pacific Partnership negotiations yesterday. This agreement has been reached almost 28 years to the day after Canada concluded our first ever free trade agreement with another country, the United States. The Trans­-Pacific Partnership is the largest free trade agreement […]


Cutting Payroll Taxes

Whitehorse ­ – Ryan Leef, Conservative candidate for the Yukon highlighted that the Conservative Government plans to cut payroll taxes by more than 20 percent on job creating small businesses in 2017.   Thanks to the Conservative Government, Canadian workers and businesses are enjoying the lowest federal tax burden in more than 50 years. As […]



Whitehorse – Ryan Leef, Conservative candidate for the Yukon announced plans for a re-­elected Conservative Government to further support and enhance economic opportunities across the North. In 2009, to help Canada’s three territories reach their full economic potential the Conservative Government created the first ever stand­alone agency dedicated to northern economic development, known as CanNor. […]


Harper Announces Further Actions To Combat Human Trafficking

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that a re-elected Conservative Government would continue with its plan to crack down on human trafficking and support human trafficking victims. “I’m proud of our record to raise awareness and take action against the terrible scourge of human trafficking,” Prime Minister Harper said.  “We need to do even more […]


Liberal Plan Means Ongoing Deficits and New Tax Hikes

The Honorable Pierre Poilievre today outlined a $6.5 billion dollar increase in taxes contained in the Liberal costing document. The document itself points to such items as Pension Income Splitting, the Pension Income Credit and the Age Credit as ways in which taxes can be raised to meet their $6.5 billion hole. Justin’s recklessness means […]


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Yukon is part of our national identity and now a part of the national discussion.

- Ryan Leef


The Yukon is the westernmost of Canada’s three federal territories, Whitehorse, the wilderness city, is our capital. “Yukon” means “great river” in Athapaskan language in reference to the Yukon River which runs 3600 kilometers. The approximate population of the Yukon includes; 185,000 caribou, 50,000 moose, 10,000 grizzly bears, 25,000 mountain sheep and 37,000 people.

The federal government’s Yukon Act, which received royal assent on March 27, 2002, confirmed “Yukon” as the standard, though “Yukon Territory” or “The Yukon” remains the more popular usage.

At 5,959 m (19,551 ft), Yukon’s Mount Logan, in Kluane National Park and Reserve, is the highest mountain in Canada and the second-highest in North America. Most of Yukon has a Subarctic climate, characterized by long cold winters and brief warm summers.

The Yukon has a rich and diverse First Nations culture, with 14 distinct First Nations.

The strongest tourism aspect of the Yukon is the legacy of the Klondike Gold Rush (1897 – 1899), which inspired such writers as Robert W. Service, Jack London and Jules Verne and which continues to inspire films and games.

The Yukon’s major industry is mining (gold, copper, lead, zinc and silver). Thousands of these prospectors flooded the territory, creating a colourful period in the Yukon’s history. This period, as well as the territory’s scenic wonders and outdoor recreation opportunities, make tourism an important industry.

The Yukon – it’s closer than you think.

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